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14th Annual

Quality, OPEX & Manufacturing Innovations in Life Sciences Conference

Leading lean and digital journey for truly efficient and highest quality manufacturing in the current regulatory environment.

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reasons to attend

Meet 100+ experts in Quality, OPEX & Manufacturing Innovations across the Life Science sector

80% of attendees rated event as very good or excellent #eventadvisor

Workshop led by a the Lean Coach

2 parallel tracks full of practical case studies

Network with ex FDA inspectors and EMA inspectors

Key topics

Designing digital factory & smart manufacturing strategies

Transformation & change management to drive OPEX

Quality audits & MRA between FDA and EU

Revision of EU GMP Annex 1

Agile & lean quality management systems

New data integrity requirements and how to handle them easily

OPEX & Quality metrics and continuous improvement

The “H” factor in Quality & OPEX

Lean six sigma mastery

Truly efficient continuous manufacturing – experience & challenges

Prestigious speakers

Key takeaways

Discover drivers and challenges of embracing 4.0 in Pharma Production

Regulatory perspective on continuous manufacturing

Experience on handling the latest regulatory developments (GMP Annex 1, GMP for ATMPs, Data integrity, GDPR, Brexit, MRA between US and EU)

Impact of mass serialization on quality

Emerging trends in OPEX agile strategies

Lean six sigma mastery

Implementation of good measurement methods

Leveraging technology to build a strong risk management program

How to enable the workforce for the digital age


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