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Regulatory Compliance & AML/CFT: A Hands-on Practical Approach

30 March - 3 April 2020

Dar es Sallam, Tanzania

Pillars of an Effective Compliance Program

Enforcement Mechanisms

ABCs of Combating Money Laundering/Financing of Terrorism

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Africa is rapidly opening up as the new growth hub. Foreign investment pouring in the BILLIONS of dollars and cross border trade at an all-time high. As good as this is, it brings with it a huge challenge on Anti-Money Laundering and CFT.

The compliance function is increasingly demanding closer scrutiny and more transparency. In many financial markets, a formal compliance management system is not only recommended but required by the regulatory community and by good corporate governance principles. since recent news of financial misreporting by firms like Enron, Worldcom, Xerox, etc. the pressure on corporations to more transparently manage their compliance exposures is mounting. Creating a culture of compliance is an important risk management strategy.


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  • Damian Robinson
  • Globally experienced international banker & management consultant
  • Epignosis Consulting

Reasons for attending

Protect your organization against the latest money laundering and fraud techniques

 Identify vulnerable and potential areas of risk and recognize potential offenders

 Formulate an effective fraud prevention and antimoney laundering strategy

Minimize the effects of fraud on your company and successfully navigate the legislative landscape

 Conduct good customer due diligence in non-face-toface transactions

Discover the latest techniques for scoring the risks of customers, products and operations

Identify methods to maximize your ROI in anti-money laundering technology

Identify methods to maximize your ROI in anti-money laundering technology

Gain critical insight and practical knowledge to achieve compliance with regulations

Conduct examinations and audits of anti-money laundering program

Improve your company’s well-being with the tools and knowledge to create and practice value-added antimoney laundering initiatives

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Join us in Dar es Sallam

Dar es Salaam, a major city and commercial port on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast, grew from a fishing village. The open-air Village Museum has re-created the traditional homes of local and other Tanzanian tribes and hosts tribal dancing. It’s part of the National Museum, which offers Tanzanian history exhibits, including the fossils of human ancestors found by anthropologist Louis Leakey.


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