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Steve Laborda

Chemical Industry Expert



Leader, coach, and practitioner focusing on customer excellence and improving profitability through Value Selling and Sales & Marketing enablement. Within 15 years of experience in the chemical industry, I impacted successfully and sustainably the company cultures, behaviors and processes through the design/development and execution of customer/commercial excellence programs, trainings as well as coaching/mentoring of international leaders, commercial-, marketing- and technical teams.

My typical approach to engaging teams during workshops, training or coaching sessions are based on a high level of interactivity and energy to ensure the right level of engagement using methods such as super-learning and co-creation by gathering the insights from the audience.

Personally, I am married and have two kids 16 and 8, and I love bouldering and cooking: two rather different hobbies. The first one gives me the possibility to get rid of my energy and to free-up my mind. The latter one allows me to find some relaxing time while cooking and use my creativity to create nice meals as well and spend time enjoying them with my family and or friends.