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  • Dennis William Cox

Dennis Cox, CEO, Risk Reward Ltd, is a banker, chartered accountant and leading financial services risk management and internal audit specialist serving banks, regulators and financial institutions in developed and emerging markets based in London, UK.

In his early career he has held senior management positions within the banking and accountancy profession as Director, Risk Management at HSBC Insurance Brokers Limited and Director, Risk Management, Prudential Portfolio Managers. Formerly he held a number of roles within the audit profession including Senior Audit Manager (Compliance) at HSBC Holdings PLC and Senior Manager (Banking and Finance) at both BDO Binder Hamlyn and Arthur Young. He has significant expertise in total risk management, risk-based internal audit, forensic accounting, money laundering deterrence, treasury, credit, liquidity, operational and market risk.

Whilst at HSBC Holding (UK) he was instrumental in the development of operational risk software for the banking and insurance industry worldwide.

He also has detailed knowledge and experience of the banking practises and regulation in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, the Emirates, Oman, as well as Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa. He has many years of work experience gained in the UK, Europe and North America, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Recent and current assignments include major risk management and internal audit assignments for selected US and UK banks, as well as leading Islamic banks in the GCC region, and the Monetary-, Audit-, Investment Authorities and Central Banks of Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Malaysia. He regularly advises national trade associations of bankers and internal auditors worldwide.

Dennis specialises his risk advisory services and lectures on the balance of risk management and the modernisation of internal audit and the auditing of compliance risk areas. He also addresses risk management as a driver for organisational change in banking, and risk-based bank internal audit. He is a specialist in risk and audit for bank departments and functions including credit, treasury, operations and accountancy issues related to the Basel Accord and the dynamics of changing regulation and business banking competitiveness.

He is a Fellow, Co-founder and Chairman of the Risk Forum for the UK Chartered Securities and Investments Institute. A Fellow the Institute of Chartered Accountants (FCA), he has also been a National Council Member for 15 years. He holds a BSc Honours degree in Mathematics from London University.

Dennis is an accomplished international conference chairman and lecturer, and is the author of a number of publications including: Banking and Finance: Accounts, Audit and Practise (1993 Butterworths), The Mathematics of Banking and Finance (2006 Wiley Finance) and Frontiers of Risk Management (2007 Euromoney), An Introduction to Money Laundering Deterrence (2010 Wiley Finance) and The International Handbook of Money Laundering Deterrence for Wiley Finance published September 2014 on the topic of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations and techniques in global markets. Both Frontiers in Risk Management and Risk Management in a Nutshell were published by the Business Press UK in 2018.