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Tom Lenahan

Author, Professional Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

Signant Health, United Kingdom

Tom's accomplished in many aspects of maintenance, project and construction management. He has specialised in Turnaround (Shutdown) Management and similar projects from concept through to on-site completion in Power Generation, Petrochemical and Manufacturing industries. Assisted clients in the resolution of maintenance issues of various types including; contractor strategy, procurement process, project engineering, maintenance training, maintenance effectiveness, maintenance costing, project engineering, procedural failures and patterned thinking.

Other main major areas of expertise include:

  • developing and delivering courses both in Universities (to MSc level) and on public courses on such subjects as Turnaround Planning and Management; Maintenance Fundamentals, Maintenance systems and Documentation, RCM/ TPM Simplified, Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • assisting clients to create centres of excellence for Turnarounds
  • creating formal Maintenance, Turnaround and Permit to Work procedures and training client personnel in-house from Board level to hourly paid workers
  • training effective communications (Neuro-linguistic Programming - NLP)
  • motivational speaking and empowerment of teams and work crews

He is also the author of the textbook "Turnaround, Shutdown and Outage Management", which, was the first book ever to be written on this subject.

Tom has created a comprehensive Audit Programme for Turnarounds and developed a “Model of Excellence” to assist clients to implement an effective STO approach, challenge how they plan events, measure performance against current best practice and generate recommendations for improvement. To date he has performed 80+ audits and supervised 200+ further audits.