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The Smart Workspace Design Expo Welcomes the Academia

Today’s students are the workforce, office creators and inhabitants of tomorrow. Because of this, they have unique space and value in the heart of Smart Workspace Design Expo.

We are excited to invite and welcome university-level students both in undergraduate and postgraduates programs in relevant fields to join us in this exclusive.


Is the Smart Workspace Design Summit for me?

If you are an undergraduate, postgraduate student, teacher or professor in any program connected to:

  • Human Resources
  • Employee Health, Safety and Environment
  • Psychology in the workplace
  • Architecture
  • Real State
  • Interior Design

Then yes, you cannot miss this opportunity!


What does the Smart Workspace Design Summit offers me as a student or educator?

As an academia member, you will have the opportunity to submerge yourself in the subject from the real-world application and perspective of the most renowned organizations in the world which will allow you to obtain great value and connections for your education and career. As an academia member you will enjoy:

  • A special place in the Exhibition Arena dedicated to showcasing your project
  • Your university or faculty logos can also be included in the brochure, website and other promotional materials
  • You will meet face to face senior professionals from leading organizations such as Microsoft, LEGO®, Adidas, Cirque du Soleil, Airbnb and many more
  • Awards! We are currently in discussion with our partners and attending organizations to secure few prizes to offer an extra experience to the students beyond the Expo


What is the ‘A vision of the Future Workplace’ Contest

‘A Vision of the Future Workplace’ is a contest in which student groups will compete at creating the most innovative, sustainable and overall compelling vision of the workplace of the future which will successfully address the challenges of today and demonstrate the full potential of technology and design principles in the workplace of tomorrow.

To showcase their project, the Smart Workspace Design Expo will have a reserved area in the Exhibition Arena during the two days summit and a reserved time in the schedule during the evening of day one for students to present their project from the main stage.


Contest requirements

  • Submission of a supporting document that will briefly explain the concept, inspiration and the main problem your model will solve in the future
  • Building and bringing to the summit a model of the office of the Future in a format of your choice, such as a Scale Model, Computer 3D model or others that can be showcased in the Exhibition Arena
  • Preparing a 7 to 10 minute-long presentation to describe and elaborate on your project in front of the SWDExpo audience
  • Each student/educator attending the summit will be required to register for a special academia price of €199


Judging format and award

  • We are currently in discussion with our partners and attending organizations to secure few prizes to offer an extra experience to the students beyond the Expo
  • The winner will be chosen by the entire audience through online voting

How to join

Academia members who wish to join the event as a standard delegate can register here for the affordable price of €399

Student groups coming on behalf of their university to participate in the contest ‘A vision of the Future Workplace’ are required to fulfill the above points. To get in touch with our conference director, please fill the form below.

Contacts us to share your ideas and we will guide you and support you through the process of joining the Smart Workspace Design Summit.

Are you an Architecture Student in Amsterdam?

Join the #SWDExpo as a volunteer and:

- Experience one or two of our Site Visits as coordinator
- Participate in the workshops as Moderator assistant
- Be part of the full event while supporting our coordination team

This is a great opportunity, submit your application here.

I am interested in joining the contest

We look forward to hearing from you!