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Daniella Rubinovitz


Atelier Molenpad, Netherlands


Since Daniella Rubinovitz worked in the corporate world for 10 years before she became an art therapist, coach and artist, she knows both worlds from the inside out, which makes her the perfect spokesperson to bring art play and business together.

Daniella is author of the book SMART: How Art Inspires Action in Business. In her book, she shares her system for using creative expression as a tool for business. This takes you on a journey of uncovering your subconscious knowledge visually. She is passionate about enabling individuals and teams to visually brainstorm, express and communicate.

Daniella has had several lives; she worked 10 years in the corporate world- as an industrial designer at Lucent Technologies. At Lucent she worked among others with rocket scientists to develop forward thinking technologies. Later she worked with the process of art for personal development in entrepreneur organizations and MBA programs. Her initiatives here have been featured in local and international media. Clients say that Daniella is energetic, insightful and exudes a contagiously positive mindset that touches right to the core.

Daniella maintains her studio at the historical Arc at Atelier Molenpad, in the heart of Amsterdam. Here she offers team off sites, creative coaching and kids workshops. As an innovative artist, she has her artwork displayed in public and private collections in the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Greece, the United States and Israel. She also has been featured in large Public art festivals.

Academically, Daniella has a collection of university degrees; BFA from Tufts University in affiliation with The School of Museum of Fine Arts, a MID from Pratt Institute, to fulfill her Industrial Design desire to experience the world of mass production and construction. An MBA for engineers from Stevens Institute of Technology, a BAT as an Arts Therapist from The College of Leiden, due to her obsession to master how color, line and form are linked within our subconscious. She is a licensed art therapist and holds two United States patents. She got her coaching degree from the Coaches Training Institute and has completed the ORSC Fundamentals.