Fluor, Amsterdam


Site Visit Program 

(2x15 delegates max)


14:00 – Welcome group 1

14:15 – Presentation by DZAP

14:30 – Site visit

15:20 – Farewell coffee


15:30 – Welcome group 2

15:45 – Presentation by DZAP

16:00 – Site visit

16:50 – Farewell coffee


Fluor, a large engineering and construction company, based on 20.000 m2 in Hoofddorp, near to Amsterdam. Fluors new buildings interior was designed by DZAP and build with a BREEAM Excellent certification.  Fluor works with fast expanding project teams on projects such as new powerplants or other very complex projects. In their new building it is possible to adapt the working zone with these expanding project teams, because all the technical elements and grid of the building is designed and engineered to be flexible. With about a thousand move related movements in the building, Fluor needed this flexible environment to facilitate her work process.