Key elements to ensure clear ROI from Smart Workspace Design

Spoiler Alert: It is all about happiness, but it's not so simple.



Most people would probably agree that high levels of quality and productivity are decisive elements for business success, but when debating for what is key to maintaining and improving quality and productivity over time, it gets a little bit tricky.

Companies have traditionally relied on management development, employee training and benefits which offer a seemingly clearer ROI compared to something like Workspace Design. However they might fall short at encouraging innovation and motivation.

The new generation of employees do not want rewards for putting up with hard work throughout the week; they want a good reason to wake up each morning before the alarm even sounds, and that's a great employee to have. A smart workspace focuses on employee happiness and experience. The right experience at work will act as a catalyst for motivation and innovation.

We asked for professional opinions from some of the leading speakers at the upcoming Smart Workspace Design Summit organized by Fleming. Read their remarks below and sign up to meet them in person.

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What are the key elements to ensure ROI from investing on Smart Workspace Design?


Quite in line with the mindset of Uta's and my presentation we believe that a fast ROI can be achieved via a disruptive workplace strategyt which we see as the most crucial precondition for achieving sustainable CREM.


This means that space resources can be used over the longest possible period when the workplace strategy allows for continuous adaptation. We consider the flexibility of users and working culture even more important than the physical flexibility of the built environment. The flexibility of the built environment may be reduced to an intelligent structure of the spaces' geometry, while the technical facilities can remain simple.


This leads to a reduced investment (in the beginning). Also, reuse becomes possible, rather than the usual necessity of making a new investment after only a few years for the following “use cycles”. This multiple use of a single investment becomes possible within the approach that we will present.


This as a sneak peek on what we will speak about and its connection to the financial side.”

  • Niels Nötzel
  • General Manager
  • additional spaces GmbH

Investing in good employee guidance in their journey towards a new office environment.

Investing in a combination of workplace strategy, change management and hostmanship, helps to create work concepts that make efficient use of the spaces, while at the same time making employees feel welcome and become more engaged.

Their output will be of higher quality and clients will become more loyal.

  • Tomi Teikko
  • Head of Tieto Empathic Building
  • Tieto , Finland

The key elements are for me: light, acoustics and enjoyment!
Facility management is not only about ensuring that there are no facility problems, but ensuring that our colleagues have a nice day at work!
That begins with giving them what they need AND like!

  • An Sprenghers
  • Director of Facilities
  • VDAB , Belgium

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