Fluor, Amsterdam



Fluor, a large engineering and construction company, based on 20.000 m2 in Hoofddorp, near to Amsterdam. Fluors new buildings interior was designed by DZAP and build with a BREEAM Excellent certification.  Fluor works with fast expanding project teams on projects such as new powerplants or other very complex projects. In their new building it is possible to adapt the working zone with these expanding project teams, because all the technical elements and grid of the building is designed and engineered to be flexible. With about a thousand move related movements in the building, Fluor needed this flexible environment to facilitate her work process.

Organizational details announcing soon!

XL Catlin



XL Catlin, a unit of XL Insurance Company SE, is one of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies.

In 2016 the Dutch branch acquired a new location at Cuserpark in Amsterdam, which needed a new interior. The goal: a flexible working environment with an international and sensational design. The requirements: use of pure, fair-trade materials and elements and color accents from the XL Catlin branding. But the biggest challenge by far was the extreme time pressure. Thanks to iron discipline in the project management at every stage from design to turnkey delivery and relocation coordination, handover took place on schedule.




As a pioneer in audio innovation, Plantronics has devoted more than 50 years to developing solutions that help people communicate easier and addressing challenges such as workplace noise and distraction in the office. The Netherlands location is the latest and most advanced example of the Plantronics vision of Smarter Working. This approach encourages people to make any place they’re comfortable working their workspace and embraces innovation to boost efficiency for both the business and the individual.



Macaw is an IT service provider specializing in Microsoft and Site core technology, that has been awarded ‘Best employer of the Netherlands’ four times, and recently has been acknowledged as “Certified Great Place to Work”. At Macaw they believe that employees come first. “Finding and keeping personnel is a major challenge in the current IT market. An attractive workplace that helps you do your work properly supports us in this. And in addition we are convinced that the workplace has a major influence on the wellbeing of our employees.” This is why Macaw joined forces with interior design studio D/DOCK, who created the evidence-based Healing Offices® design concept, that focuses on optimizing the health and happiness of employees.

“The new design comprises exactly what we need at Macaw! Both the building and the environment are much better equipped for working and relaxing. The interior design stimulates movement and more personal contact and cooperation. Health and happiness will be a larger aspect of our company culture and DNA.” (Ronald van Es, CFO at Macaw)

The office is designed for planned periods of cooperation as well as for the unexpected (serendipity). The workplace is flexible and hybrid and easily adaptable to the individual working styles of the employees. Spaces for interaction and communication and spaces for silence, concentration and focus are all represented. The design varies from space to space: each conference room was designed uniquely, just like the open workspaces. Attention to accessories, tactile materials and inspiring graphic elements improve the playfulness and the emotional connection with a space. Finally the work environment is also highly sustainable. The building itself is BREEAM Excellent and 65% of the interior furniture was reused, carefully up-styled and perfectly fit in with the design for Macaw.

Program Site Visit (subjective to change):

14.00 - 14.30 Welcome
14.30 - 15.00 Presentation
15.00 - 16.00 Office Tours (in groups of max 10 people)
16.00 - 17.00 Drinks

The maximum number of participants is 40.

Photos taken by Karen Steenwinkel and Wendy van Bree