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  • Sol Steinberg
  • OTC Subject Matter Expert
  • OTC Partners

Global leader in OTC capital market advisory, clients range from tier 1 banks, hedge funds, asset managers, Fintech firms, central banks, and governments. Adviser on market structure, regulation, Dodd-Frank, CCAR, EMIR, MIFID, Non cleared margins, CCPs, SEF s, collateral, administrators, and FinTECH solutions. Developed CCPs, and global exchanges in North America, Asia, Europe, and South America. Provider of research and insight on capital market issues throughout the world. Regular speaker at key industry events. Accomplished, results-oriented financial executive with more than a decade of demonstrated knowledge in entities across an array of categories, from financial technology systems to risk management.
Operates shoulder to shoulder with the world’s most prestigious money mangers. Invaluable to the hedge fund community, as proven during the financial crisis. Continuously cultivates and maintains a network that runs wide and deep, from asset providers and execution venues to government contacts. Highly skilled at commercializing analytics, data, and noncommercial intellectual property. Keen ability to bring valuable initiatives to market, specifically, for Citi, the world’s largest VaR engine, and for LCH.Clearnet and Citco, respectively, the institutional and commercial risk engines SMART and Risk Explorer. Sol has worked on LCH’s IM, default management model enhancements,and was part of a group that designed and developed an equitable default management model for SwapClear membership.