Alex Sidorenko currently serves as a Board member of Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis in Decision Making. In 2014 Alex was named the Risk Manager of the Year by the Russian Risk Management Association. He is a Certified Risk Management Professional, RUSRISK and Certified ISO 31000 Risk Management Lead Trainer, G31000. He also represented Russian risk management community at the ISO Technical Committee 262 responsible for the update of ISO31000:20XX and Guide 73. Since 2012 Alex runs RISK-ACADEMY, an internet based non-for-profit company, focused on providing FREE risk management training and consulting to small and medium enterprises across Russia and CIS. RISK-ACADEMY was awarded Best risk management education program by the Russian Risk Management Association in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Prior to that at RUSNANO, Alex was Head of Risk at the largest private equity fund in Russia ($4B assets under management), specializing in hi-tech and nanotechnology investments. He was responsible for running ERM programs at the management company as well as across its 97 portfolio companies (energy, finance, electronics, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing). Awarded Best ERM Implementation 2014 by the Russian Risk Management Association for his work at RUSNANO. Prior to that at SKOLKOVO FOUNDATION, Alex lead the risk management function at the largest innovation centre across CEE (multibillion dollar construction) and was responsible for risk identification, analysis, mitigation, training and reporting at the management company and the 830 innovation portfolio companies as well as 200 Skolkovo Open University students. In 2017, he published a book on Amazon called “Guide to effective risk management” and is the author of a 12-series TV program dedicated to teaching risk management. He currently lectures at various MBA, Executive MBA programs and executive universities like Gazprom and Russian Rail. More than 8000 executives, managers and students have been trained so far. Previously at PwC Moscow, Alex was responsible for delivering risk consulting services within Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan and has conducted numerous strategic risk projects, risk management benchmarking studies and delivered extensive risk education programs. Alex led the team of more than 10 risk management and internal control specialists. He was responsible for training PwC senior managers in Germany, France, Portugal, Luxemburg, Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan. Prior to that at Deloitte, Alex was responsible for leading the risk consulting services across NSW, Australia. During that time, Alex conducted various strategic and operational risk reviews, developed numerous risk frameworks and methodologies, designed and delivered risk management training programs and participated in various risk assurance activities. Alex has extensive experience implementing risk management and providing risk management training at various federal and state government agencies and government owned corporations. He has successfully completed his double Bachelor degree in Risk Management and Econometrics at Monash University, Australia, achieving the top risk management and statistics student award two years in a row.