Ali has over 18 years experience in the field of Talent Development & Career development, initially beginning in the UK. His career came to the Gulf in 1997 and he has since held many positions that supported the career progression of Nationals through developing policies and frameworks. He currently works for Ooredoo as Assistant Director- Qatarization & Talent Development and where he is responsible for Managing and Optimizing Training & Development Budget for the learning and development needs of 2200 employees, act as the point of expertise for Ooredoo on identifying and utilizing talent in order to maintain a competitive business advantage,offer support and direction to TD Department, advise and direct BU Heads on Talent development need of their staff, review and bench mark TD processes and practices ,advice and facilitate means of sustaining a leadership pipeline in the company that supports business continuity through succession planning for the C-Suite and management. He also looks after alignment of the Leadership competency framework to strategy and vision; make sure its relevance to business goals are up-to-date.