Alyssa Harvey Dawson currently serves as Vice President of Global Intellectual Property and Licensing at HARMAN International. Alyssa’s work at HARMAN is key to the company’s growth, with a significant focus on global intellectual property strategy. Alyssa manages a global team of attorneys, paralegals and technology specialists and developed the global IP Strategy, working in conjunction with Harman’s Corporate Technology Office and business divisions. While at Harman, as part of her IP Strategy initiatives, she established a new revenue generating business segment focused on deriving additional value from Harman’s many technologies, brands and patents, and Harman’s patent and patent pending portfolio has increased by over 150% during her tenure, growing to over 5600 patents and patents pending. In addition, she leads a team that oversees the company’s patent, trademark and copyright portfolios; manages strategic IP enforcement and litigation; oversees and drives IP, technology and brand monetization efforts; structures and negotiates technology transactions and technology-driven M&A; establishes policies and procedures for working with standards-setting organizations and open source software; and manages the IP budget, which is the largest in the legal department. Prior to HARMAN, Alyssa held key positions at several large law firms and technology companies including Netflix and eBay. After earning her undergraduate degree from the Honors College at Michigan State University, Alyssa began her career at Dow Jones, where she became captivated by business development strategy. Recognizing her strengths and unique skill sets, she pursued a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, and set out in a career as a corporate attorney. Alyssa dedicates time to guiding and supporting colleagues in her field. She serves as co-chair of the HARMAN Women’s Network, where she shepherds others as they grow within the company. Alyssa has also played an active role in ChIPs, an organization dedicated to advancing and developing women in technology and intellectual property, serves on the Advisory Boards for the Women, Influence and Power in Law conference and the Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law, and is a member of the Michigan State University Honors College Alumni Board.