He graduated from the Moscow Pharmacy Institute in 1958 as a pharmacist. As a professional expert, he worked for the regulatory authorities: Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Healthcare of the USSR, State inspectorate in drugs and medical equipment quality control. He was sent on assignment to the pharmaceutical program of the WHO headquarters (Geneva, Switzerland). During his job for WHO, he took part in the development of the first version of the WHO GMP rules (1967); he was responsible for the preparation of the second version of the WHO GMP rules and additions to it (1989-97) and for preparation and publicity of volumes III, 1V and V of the International Pharmacopeia 3rd edition. He took part in the preparation of the guidance materials on generics registration and on combating counterfeit drugs. He was responsible for preparing and leading the six WHO expert committee sessions regarding the issue: “International Pharmacopeia and Drugs,” he took part in preparing and leading the WHO secretariat meetings and workshops in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and other countries and in GMP rules compliance checks in several developing countries. He was the delegate of: the first international GMP academic conference (1971), the first ICH conference (1991) and 17 FIP world congresses (1969 – 2015). He has been the speaker at the international and national conferences in Russia (the first congress: “A man and a drug”), Ukraine (V Congress of pharmacists), Italy (International conference on Pharmacopeia and drug quality control), France, Great Britain, Canada, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, etc. He was invited as a lecturer by Kazakhstan University. As an SPFO expert, he took part in feedback and notes preparation to projects and accepted texts of the normative legal documents: amendments to the “Law of drugs”, proposal for “Legislation on drug circulation”, technical regulations “On drugs safety” (the project was not accepted), GMP regulatory documents, strategy “Pharma 2020” and others. He is the author of the first publications in USSR/Russia on the issues of: GMP (1971), the list of essential drugs (1990), comprehensive drugs provision (1993, co-author), national drug politics (1995) and counterfeit drugs (1996). In total, he has had 200+ publications in national and international pharmaceutical magazines. He is a member of the expert advisory council at WHO – “International Pharmacopeia and Drugs” on a voluntary basis (from 1995). An associate member of the organizing committee of the industrial pharmacy section of FIP (from 2010), he is also a member of the coordination committee in drug and medical equipment circulation under the Russian Federation Ministry of Healthcare, a member of the GMP work group under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a member of the drug circulation consulting group under the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, also on a voluntary basis.