Tony is a Professional Engineer with 25 years of experience providing program, project, and construction management and litigation support services. He provides project advisory, program management oversight, construction management, forensic analysis, claims avoidance, and dispute resolution services. He is a recognized expert in CPM Scheduling, Forensic Delay Analysis, quantifying the impact of delay and disruption. Mr. Caletka and has provided expert evidence and advised on some of the largest and most complex capital projects in the world. He is an adjunct professor, co-author of the groundbreaking SCL Protocol on Delay and Disruption, and Delay Analysis in Construction Contracts (Wiley-Blackwell 2008, 2nd Ed 2015). Tony provides independent technical analyses that create an environment for settlement on particularly contentious projects. As a trained civil engineer, Tony has hands-on experience on implementing capital efficiency on large project portfolios and mega-projects. He designs and executes PMO organization set-up and implementation to ensure alignment with newly defined or existing project lifecycle management operating models. On specific projects his expertise assists clients in addressing extra work, concurrent delays, CPM analysis, differing site conditions, acceleration, escalation, and quantifying the effects of disruption and inefficient working. When appointed as subject matter expert requiring expert evidence and/or testimony, he manages teams evaluating complex contractual, delay, disruption and acceleration claims and isolates owner and contractor culpable delays by determining key issues. He has participated in negotiations and settlement discussions, leveraging his proven ability to apply sophisticated techniques and communicate issues by developing practical arguments and using simple, easily understood graphics, illustrations and trial-quality exhibits.