Carla Van De Guchte is Director of European Operations, Patient Solutions at Teva. Overseeing Patient Program operations in MS, Severe Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis (across 10 countries) With over 9 years’ experience in patient and nurse support programs, Carla has managed various patient support programs. Prior to joining Teva, Carla held several positions within the healthcare sector and pharma industry. She was Project Manager, New Business Development at Brocacef Zorglogistiek responsible for the development, implementation and operations of patient support programs for Avonex, Tobramycine, HVC and diabetic, inco & wound healing. Prior to this role at Brocacef, she was Business Unit Manager of Neurology at ApotheekZorg responsible for improving the patient support program for Rebif and developing and implementing a new patient support program for Apo-Go. Carla’s career started in nursing with a specialty in psychiatry. She later held positions as a social therapist and pharmacy commission in the Dutch Asthma Centre in Davos, Switzerland, Project Manager for ALK-Abello BV and Project Manager for Medway BV – national project Diabetic Week. Carla holds degrees in (psychiatric) nursing from School for Nursing in Goes. She is fluent in Dutch, English and German. Carla has a very enthusiastic personality with a passion for care and highly committed to patient centricity. Individualized focused care tailored to the needs of the patients is an important source of inspiration. She is convinced patient support solutions help individuals better manage their health condition.