Christine is Associate Director at ETS Global, a subsidiary of ETS. Educational Testing Service develops standardized assessments such as the TOEFL® tests, the TOEIC® tests or the WorkFORCE® Assessment to advance equity and help education and workplace communities make informed decisions about people and programs. Christine spent 7 years leading marketing activities for ETS Global throughout Europe, Middle-East and Africa. In the last 2 years, she decided to look solely after the business development of the recently introduced behavioral tests: WorkFORCE® Assessments. Prior to ETS Global, she had over 10 years of experience with an international background across SME’s and large organisations in a variety of sectors.Currently, Christine is based in Paris, France and extends the ETS expertise on WorkFORCE Assessments through current branches and partners into countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan in the Middle-East and other European and African markets.