Chris has responsibility for BASF’s Freeport, Texas site, one of the corporation’s largest North American manufacturing locations. In this role, Chris oversees the daily operation of 24 plants that manufacture 23 different products, including acrylic acid used in textiles, adhesives, and plastics; superabsorbent polymers used in baby diapers; caprolactam used in nylons and solvents; and intermediate chemicals like oxo alcohol and butanols used to produce polyesters, surface coatings and plasticizers. After joining BASF in 1986 as an engineer in the Professional Development Program, Chris held a variety of leadership roles in the company including superintendent, PVP/PVI-i Production; Operations Manager — Aniline/Nitro-Benzene; Operations Director — Chemical Intermediates; and VP & GM — Petrochemicals. Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and an MBA from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA.