Claudio Soto Salazar, today is appointed to the General Manager position in the COASIN Group Mining Division, a position which enabled him to lead the division for over 4 years. Previously he served as Commercial Manager for C2 Mining and during his career in Coasin led major projects in the mining industry in Chile and Peru. With twenty years of experience in national and multinational companies, performing functions such as General Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Project Manager Engineering and Construction, Claudio has stood directing, conducting feasibility studies, proposals, monitoring, managing resources, based on a clear vision of the mining business and a great willingness to work with teams. The executive is Electronic Engineer from the Technical University Federico Santa María and has a history of 20 years in the COASIN Group. Previously he worked in major telcos and technology as AT & T, I-Systems, where he occupied the position of Manager of AT & T OSP projects. Claudio Soto Salazar, has taken care to ensure the continuity and growth of the Mining Business for Coasin, promoting innovation and development and technology integration projects in the mining industry, this due to its high knowledge of the business and the relationship of trust that the executive has been established with customers and partners for Chile and Peru.