Csaba Feher is the Group Maintenance senior expert in the Hungary Oil & Gas sector with responsibility for unify the maintenance area of group flagships : for example routine maintenance / turnarounds based on reliability / predictive strategies, CMMS and external systems utilization. Csaba worked in Maintenance central expert, instrumental engineer, project manager, CMMS consultant at several companies, including oil refineries, Slovnaft, INA, Eon, Oil service company .Notable is his 16 years as expert in Maintenance and CMMS area. Many projects managed by Csaba. Notable are Preventive / Predictive maintenance by CMMS pilot project in 2015 SAP PM implementation for Slovnaft, in 2013-2014,Relability centered maintenance culture change for an oil refinery in 2012 Csaba Feher received degree in technical manager from Denis Gabor High School from (1999 to 2002) and as Project manager from IPMA in 2013.