David Knox, retired, formerly with Phillips Petroleum, Chevron Phillips Chemical, and INEOS learned through 40 years of self discovery that “everything in life is a project.” The fundamentals of Project Management 101 are the same whether finding a spouse, a shop engineer, running a large janitorial group, executing projects off-shore Alaska, facilities site engineering, or a $2 billion international grassroots ethylene project. Knox’s experience started in Borger, TX and moved through a variety of staff positions, ethylene unit project engineer, off-shore Alaska project, engineering manager at three different operating facilities, Project Manager of a grassroots ethylene project with engineering in Japan and construction in Saudi Arabia, interface manager between three companies in Saudi, and EPCm for INEOS in the Houston area. Learning and then being able to teach the ability to define a project’s scope to others has made work fun. Moreover, it makes a project run smoothly once people doing the execution understand and can explain the scope clearly and concisely. Getting people to define the underlying root cause for doing the project in one sentence creates many options for solutions and one of them will be eloquent. Knox has used a variety of contracts including Lump Sum, Master Service Agreements, to convertible contracts, but in the end successful project execution comes down to personal relationships between the personnel executing the work. Positive working relationships are required to celebrate the eloquent solutions or work through the hard discussions needed to cross cultural, work, and perception barriers to have a successful project.