Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aal Mohamed Abdallah is serving as a Chairman and board of directors of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority and World Meteorological Organization (WMO). His Academics include: Ph.D. in Meteorology – Al-Azhar University Master in Meteorology– Faculty of Science- Al-Azhar University Diploma in Meteorology – Faculty of Science –Cairo university B.Sc. of Science, Mathematics section- Ain Shams University B. in Law – Ain Shams University He has enriched experience in: Supervision on issuing the routine forecasts and weather condition warnings to be sent to media and different sectors of the State. Supervision on the annual report of forecasting of the Nile flood. Supervision on researches of climate changes and NWP. Teaching Dynamic Oceanography, Faculty of science, Port Said University. Contribution in establishing a meteorological data base for the general department of the Armed Forces and its followed stations. Heading the scientific supervision of the Egyptian Meteorological magazine, 2012. Heading the 18th workshop on meteorology and sustainable development held in (EMA), 2014. Participation in using the runway visibility range(RVR) on the airport of Aswan. Participation in updating some of EMA meteorological stations through the French Protocol signed between EMA & MFI. The positions held by him includes: Chief of control and inspection section in EMA, 1999. Manager of North Sinai Meteorological Stations, 2000. Deputy, Director General of the Armed Forces General Department, 2000. Director General of the Armed Forces General Department, 2002. Deputy of the Central Department of meteorological stations and instruments, 2010. Under Secretary of State for Climate and Meteorology Researches Central Department, 2012 Chairman, Board of Directors of the Egyptian.