Dr. Mohammad Aref is Professional HSE & HazMat Expert. Dr. Mohammad Aref had 28 Years Global Work experience in Oil & Gas Industry worked in Drilling Operations & QHSE / HazMat at several companies, including Shell, Schlumberger and NDC. Notable is his 15 years as Professional QHSE for Weatherford. Dr. Mohammad Aref received Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from USA, Certified Lead Auditor, Certified RPO/PRA/QE special training. – Lead High Profile HazMat Projects in EU, A.Pac & MENA Regions. – Published Tech Papers about HSE, Waste Management, Radiation Protection, Human Factors & Hazardous Waste Management. – Regular Speaker on QHSE & HazMat International Conferences & Workshops. – Chairman & Steering Committee Member for ADEPIC Tech Conference 2012, 2013 & 2014, 2015 & 2016 – Chairman, Steering Committees & Speaker for SPE QHSE Risk Management Workshop 2013 & 2014. – Holding Memberships with accredited International HSE Organization ( IOSH, SPE, MARPA, ASSE). – OSHAD Registered Practitioner