Dr. Saad Bin Dhafer Al-Kahtani is a Broadband expert and customer management expert, he was former member of the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development as well an active Member of Riyadh District Council. Dr.Saad was the former Group CEO for strategic operations at Saudi Telecom Company group (STC).overseeing corporate strategy; human capital, regulatory affairs, Corporate PMO, quality management and customer experience touch point strategy. Dr.saad was comprehensively responsible for the overall group strategy formulation, readying human capital capabilities and customer experience strategy ensuring a sound regulatory environment and effective execution of strategies across STC group through the corporate PMO. Dr.Saad was behind the launch of the first loyalty program brand in the region named Qitaf, the program reached to over 20 million users by the end of 2012, and more than 2 billion points redeemed He was an active member in STC’s leadership team responsible for implementing the new customer centric operating model, through developing and driving key customer experience customer retention programs. Dr.Saad was also an active board member of several companies namely, Turk Telekom, Avea Telecom and a board member of Integral (STC content company) in Dubai. In addition, Dr. Saad was a board member of Call Centers Company (CCC) and Pantel Company (Infrastructure and Wholesale Voice Services). Dr.Saad holds a doctorate degree in business administration from Nottingham University UK, MBA degree KSU, and a bachelor of engineering, UPM.