1. Dr. Satish Mapara manages & operates GlobeApex Management Consultants / India, UAE, USA which was incorporated in early 2003 after consolidating services from previous consultancy / agency & other allied services.

2. With his expertise endorsed by 48 years of versatile global experience, he provides all their clients with the secured knowledge in end to end supply chain and global logistics and transportation and warehousing management by comprehensive individual strong back up commercial / counselling / advisory support in important fields of Commerce / Int’l trade / finance / marine insurance / shipping related management competencies.

3. His global expertise in advising above is second to none.

4. Dr. Mapara holds:
a) Degrees of Bachelor’s in Commerce
b) Bachelor in Law
c) Associate of Chartered Institute of Ship Brokers, UK
d) fellow of N.M. Institute of Shipping- India & finally;
e) Doctorate degree in three principal major faculties i.e. Maritime Law & Ship Management, Marine Insurance & Finance/Banking.

5. He is :
a) Accredited Expert as well as Arbitrator with Dubai International Arbitration Centre (D.I.A.C.) – UAE
b) Life member of Indian Council of Arbitration, Delhi, India.
c) He is Member of the Board of Supply Chain & Logistics Group (SCLG) – Dubai.
d) He is also a former Member of the Board of Indian Business & Professional Council (IBPC) – Dubai and
e) He is the Secretary & Coordinator of Commission on Customs & Trade Facilitation – International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – UAE part of ICC – Paris initiative.
f) He is former member of Lions club of Mumbai Airport – 1989 to 2011 &
g) Life Member of Modh Vanik Seva Samaj – India
h) Life Member & Trustee of Shri Chikhli Modh Venik Seva Samaj – Mumbai, India
i) Life Member of Vishwa Gujarati Parishad – India.