Sunit Maity was trained as Developmental/Cardiovascular Biologists in Leuven, Belgium where he received his PhD. He worked in industry (Mermaid Pharmaceuticals, Hamburg Germany) for three years where he was involved in target identification using model system. He has spent time at Max Planck Institute where he was involved in the CNS development related project. After coming back to India in 2007, he joined Avesthagen where he headed the biosimilar group. He was responsible for development of biologics including recombinant protein and monoclonal antibodies using a mammalian expression system. He is associated with Theramyt Novobiologics since its inception and currently heads the Product Development team. Theramyt is heavily invested to improve monoclonal antibody drugs in the Oncology segment that is driven by patient requirement for more effective drugs with reduced side effects. Antibody Fab region imparts recognition of target tumor antigens and the Fc region directs patients’ immune system to kill the tumor cells. We are developing platform technologies to improve functionalities of both Fab and Fc regions through innovative approaches and creating new molecules with synergistic effects.