Ehsan Hemmati is the Reinsurance Director and International Affairs of Taavon Insurance Company (The first Co-operative public Joint-Stock Co) based in Tehran, Iran. He previously served in numerous critical positions; MA Insurance Co as a Reinsurance consultant, Chief of Reinsurance Department and International Affairs Director in an International Trading company, prior to moving to Taavon Insurance Company. Presently, he is also the Vice chairman of Adonis International Persistent development Holding company (Joint–Venture Holding Company with Australian Adonis Company) Eng. Hemmati has more than 15 years of experience in Engineering activities, Insurance, Reinsurance and International Trading in Iran, though he is just 34 years old. Mr. Hemmati is a graduate of Azad University in major of Electronic Engineer and nowadays he is the person who is involved in Investment and finance insurance schemes in order to facilitate the FDI Procedures.