Fabio has a bachelor degree on finance from Externado University and an MPA (Master in Public Affairs) from Sciences Po Paris. He has extensive experience in the public sector, and worked with different organizations in the Colombian government like Ministry of Finance and the Financial sector`s Regulation Authority. Also, he has been consultant of different international institutions like OECD, USAID and UNDP. He has significant experience in risk measurement and mitigation, experience that he use in his current role as director of the PPP unit of the National Planning Department, in charge of elaborate PPP´s public policies, supervising the structuring of the different PPP projects that the Colombia`s government consider as priority, and regulate the value for money of all projects on the federal level. In the last three years, he has been involved in 32 PPP`s projects in different sectors, with different structuring processes (Solicited, unsolicited proposals), and aiding different institutions (federal, Subnational) making him an expert on the current state of PPP projects in Colombia.