As the Vice President of Information Technology Division of Takreer, Mr. Fuad Al-Ansari is responsible for managing the technology infrastructure, refinery information systems and business applications across all divisions within Takreer including Ruwais Refinery (East and West), and Abu Dhabi Refinery. Mr. Al-Ansari has contributed remarkably to keep Takreer abreast of IT developments and emerging technologies by way of implementing state of the art, innovative and cost effective solutions to achieve operational excellence.Mr. Al-Ansari holds a BS in Electrical Engineering (Electronics), 1994 and a MS in Engineering Management, 1996 from Portland State University, USA. He has completed Leadership trainings as part of Executive Education Program in Harvard Business School in 2009 and 2011. Mr. Al-Ansari serves on the IDC Technical Advisory Council (GCC), Maximo Oil & Gas Industry Advisory Council, OSI Soft Executive Advisory Council and participates in SAP Oil & Gas Global Advisory Group. Mr. Al-Ansari is a regular speaker and panelist in IT Seminars and Conferences in the UAE talking about IT world and it’s alignment on core business.With almost two decades of IT experince, Mr. Al-Ansari has headed Takreer’s IT Organization to establishing the IT Strategy and Policies & Procedures in line with business of objectives of the company. Under his leadership, the company has automated many time consuming and paper intensive business processes, upgraded business critical applications and deployed Refinery Information Systems within the Abu Dhabi and Ruwais refineries. Drawing on his insight and capabilities within business technology optimization and alignment, he has envisioned several innovative projects towards building a Smart Refinery. This has been achieved through the effective and innovative use of technology in conjunction with optimized processes and skilled staff.