Hamilton has a Mechanical Engineering background having worked with Cummins Inc as Service Engineer. However for the last 18 years he has refocused himself in the Supply Chain Industry, where he has worked in some major Multinational companies, such as Aggreko plc & Weatherford in the Procurement field. Hamilton currently works in Emirates Global Aluminum (formerly DUBAL) as a Senior Purchasing Officer,where he has made some major contributions in the Purchasing Function, which resulted in him being Awarded by Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) the CIPS Procurement and Supply Chain Management Professional of the Year 2013. Hamilton has a tremendous passion to all things learning and improved productivity, with a continuous quest to enrich his team’s work through Automation. He’s has worked on and has an expert understanding of several Major ERP systems. Having seen the major contribution from ICT in the field of improved Supply Chain over the recent years, he quickly expanded his territory in the field of Data Analysis and Visualization, where he’s developed or worked as a Consultant for Dashboards and other KPI metrics development. He’s a self-taught programmer, a self-confessed MS Excel Ninja and has developed several Excel Add-ins that have greatly enhanced the efficiency of his team. Hamilton holds a Diploma in Procurement and Supply from Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, and is currently working on his Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply.