Mr. Pedro Huichalaf is a Specialist in ICT (Information and Communication), broad experience in national and international regulation issues intellectual property, personal data, computer crime, electronic commerce. He is a Promoter and active participant in civic movements related to technology, interacting with various stakeholders from industry, government and parliament. From 2017, Mr. Pedro Huichalaf will be the president of Regulatel, the Latin American Forum of Telecommunications Regulators. Currently , Mr. Huichalaf is a advisor on issues related to ICT in Public Sector and in the legislative branch. He Specializes in: Consulting, technology, Social networking, Internet, Computer law, Intellectual property, Personal data, E-commerce. Academic Background -University of Chile Diploma in Telecommunications Law -University of Chile Diploma in Computer Law -Valparaiso University Degree in Law, Lawyer (Obtaining maximum score 7.0 (seven) grade memory entitled “Right to privacy and Information Technology and Communication”)