Ayesa oversees HCWH-Asia’s program on Medical Waste and related campaigns for the promotion of sustainable management of health care waste.  She works with the broad health sector comprising of hospitals, medical professionals, civil society organizations, government agencies and units, and environmental health organizations.  She collaborates with South East Asia regional partners, conducts field researches and documents good practices of hospitals from handling to disposal of medical wastes.  She acts as HCWH-Asia’s resource person for trainings, seminars, and public forums on national and regional events where she discuss the role and responsibility of the health sector in reducing its carbon footprint. Ayesa holds a double degree on Nursing and Business Administration and is a licensed acupuncturist by the Philippine Department of Health.  Prior to joining HCWH-Asia, she was a health care provider, researcher, trainer, and advocate of complementary medicine among community-based health programs for almost a decade.