Igor Khmel joined Sberbank 3 years ago as leader of newly created Sbrebank labs (a part of Digital ventures team now), dedicated to incubation and acceleration of new products and technologies at Sberbank group. Digital Ventures is responsible for technology transfer from disruptive fintech startups to Sberbank group, as well as for growth of separate digital businesses through strategic acquisitions. In 2015 Khmel led Sberbank’s acquisition of Platius – loyalty program and mobile payments company for HoReCa; initiated acquisition and led integration of Segmento which is an “adtech” company providing digital marketing services – the key aspect of the deal was the unique big data technology and expertise transfer. Before joining Sberbank Igor made internship in Citadel investment group in Chicago, founded two startups in Silicon Valley, worked as independent investment advisor for Bessemer Venture Partners and strategy consultant for BBVA Innovations, worked 2 years as McKinsey consultant with focus on finance. Igor Khmel obtained MBA degree from Stanford graduate school of business and Master in science from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Key expertise by function, line of business and technology: corporate innovation and venture investments, product development, strategy, finance, digital marketing & sales; digital banking, digital wealth management, social networks banking, p2p lending, crowd services, marketplaces, mobile checkout and payments; nfc, eID, DMP (big data) platforms, real-time-marketing, crm360.