Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Daneva, PhD has extensive experience in capital markets and funded pension insurance on the defined contribution basis. She was a member of the State Securities Commission, director of the State Insurance Supervision Agency (2001-2003.) Since 2003 she has been working for pension company in the field of control and management and from 2007 till now she is executive director of pension company “Saglasie”, which has more than 20 years of business history. Ivanka Daneva is a long-time professor at New Bulgarian University, Department of Economics, where she has taught courses in “Insurance and insurance market”, “Insurance schemes”, “Financial Markets”, “Investment Management”, “Corporate Finance” and other disciplines. She is author of the monographs “Investments of pension funds, problems and solutions” (2009), “Funded pension funds for sustainable and adequate pensions” (2015), “Finances of insurance companies” (2014). “Investment policy of pension and health insurance funds” (2010) “Economics and organization of social security “(2007). She has published studies, articles and analyzes in the area of social security in Bulgaria and abroad.