As Head of Customer Service Group Ms. Jackie Kihuguru is responsible for managing Uganda telecom’s top 100 corporate clients and ensuring world class service through the various service channels. A top performer with thirteen years of progressive business, customer service and management experience, Ms Kihuguru has contributed remarkably to keep Uganda Telecom abreast of the market and emerging customer technologies worth pursuing to serve the ever changing corporate business demands. She is result oriented with consistent record of exceeding standards and expectations. She embodies outstanding communication, presentation and negotiation skills with a unique combination of interpersonal and analytical abilities. With10 progressive years in the banking industry; and more than 10 years of experience in the telecom industry Ms. Kihuguru has helped NGOs, Banks, Telecoms develop innovative products to harness the potential of their portfolios which results in a rich experience for their customers. She manages one of the most profitable revenue streams in Uganda telecom’s business portfolio. She has participated in the successful transitioning of Uganda telecom customer serving infrastructure from an older legacy platform to a new modern robust internet terrestrial infrastructure connecting Uganda to the rest of the world. After excelling in this role, Jackie was promoted to Head of Customer Service, managing all the customer related issues, internally and externally, and was also tasked to manage all the CSR activities in this huge organization – and this has been done excellently.