Jay Egg is Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) expert with a charismatic and unusually engaging capability to engage and teach people. His passion for energy and labor savings methods in HVAC systems has led to extraordinary involvement in renewable and energy-efficiency technologies. Jay has a proven track record of investing time and assets into realizing fuller implementation and availability of competent HVAC skill-sets to operations and maintenance (O&M) professionals from staff level through engineering and plant managers. Jay is dedicated to the progress of industry professionals in his efforts to share and provide continuous involvement to bolster and improve performance and profitability. Jay has been focused on HVAC technologies since 1989 when he first formed Egg Systems to design and install HVAC systems. Jay engaged two respected industry professionals, and began the two year process of writing the 448 page book, Modern Geothermal HVAC Engineering and Control Applications. It was published in September 2013, and is available worldwide through Amazon, as well as all other major booksellers. Jay found that his as his opportunities grew, he continued to be more engaged by industry organizations, publishers and stakeholders in efforts to provide services related to writing, speaking, training, and expert consultation on HVAC technologies and implementation. He currently travels extensively for the training and promotion of HVAC technologies, and enjoys remarkable respect from peers throughout the world. The opportunities that will be gained through attendance of Jay’s training and curriculum include the skills to better prioritize, communicate, and execute the responsibilities O&M plant operations, and will make better use of attendee’s current levels of expertise and influence in their respective spheres of influence. Attendees may be certain that their attendance will result in new skillsets in their efforts toward the development and implementation of programs and strategies that will increase performance and profitability of their respective facilities. Some of his clients are: United States Department of Energy (DOE), HVAC Consultant American Ground Water Trust, HVAC Speaker and Trainer Bosch Thermotechnology, HVAC Consultant Sussex County Government, HVAC Consultant and Advisory Walt Disney World Companies, HVAC Feasibility Consultant United Arab Emirates Ministry of Public Works (UAE MOPW), HVAC Feasibility Consultant Past and current associations and affiliations • ASHRAE Associate Member • IGSHPA Certified Member • GEO Exchange Member • BSA Leader