Mr. Jørgen is an experienced business developer in technical sales, project sales and project management. He is accustomed to take responsibility and implements the decisions necessary to achieve the company’s goals. He is very energetic, result-oriented and an engaging leader with good project management skills. He has been project manager for bio-conversion of CHP plant in Denmark with a project staff of more 50 international employees. He has good knowledge of boilers, flue gas cleaning and condensing equipment. Solutions for the transport of biomass fuel ( straw, wood chips or others ) is also part of projects he has been in charge of or participated in. He has a comprehensive knowledge of energy economics and optimization energy plants technical and financial. Lead negotiator in several heat, power and fuel supply contracts to power plant and utilities is part of his experience. His knowledge of the Nordpool Power market and district heating and cooling market is coming from production plants and from the work as adviser and consultant.