After his graduation as a 3D-animator in Salzburg, Austria, Johannes immediately started his own company, AniMedical, in late 2010 together with his business partner Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Hölzenbein. The animation studio focuses on the creation of medical content and has since worked successfully for many pharmaceutical companies and developers of medical equipment. Johannes and AniMedical have received numerous awards for business excellence and product innovation. In 2013, Johannes and AniMedical started to specialize in the creation of short educational films as well as software solutions that could handle the whole pre-surgical informed consent explanation process completely digital. Johannes conducted thorough patient studies with his partner clinics to prove the viability of the new system. As of 2016, the software “AniMedes” is available on the market and being implemented in the first clinics across central Europe. Since 2016, Johannes is also involved in “LTS-Troja”, a GPS-tracking device startup that provides tracking solutions for various business cases (e.g.: anti-theft trackers for bicycles “Troja Bike” or public transport solutions “Troja public”).