John comes from a professional background in firefighting and emergency response. Starting his career as a volunteer firefighter and working his way up thru the ranks of firefighter 1 and 2 then joining the military and became a military firefighter in the US ARMY. He was sent to Kuwait in 1991 to assist in fighting the oil well fires. John continued his firefighting career after he exited the military in 1992 and worked with local fire departments in Kansas and Texas. He became a contractor and worked for companies overseas in Kuwait for 7 1⁄2 years and then in Iraq for 2 years. He became an emergency response specialist in Kuwait in 2012 for Kuwait Oil Company. He was hired by AMCDE in April 2014 as an emergency response leader. He leads 57 highly trained high angle and confined space personnel and assist in coordinating training for a contracted fire department on site. He is a member of NFPA and the Arab Professional Board for Project Managers.