Dr. Jorge Antonio Lopes is a Merchant Marine Captain, has a B.Sc. in Nautical Science, a Master of Science Degree on Environmental Techonology and a Doctor of Science Degree on Environment (doctoral thesis was on bioremediation of soils contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons); He has a Postgraduate degree in Environmental Management; a Postgraduate degree in Nautical Science and a Postgraduate degree in Environmental Education. keynote speaker at the International Conference on Natural Sciences and Technologies for Waste and Wastewater Treatment and Remediation ((Sweden) and at the International Conference on the Establishment of Cooperation between Companies and Institutions in the Nordic Countries, the Baltic Sea Region and the World (Sweden). He is Technical Advisor at the Marine Environment Protection Committee and at the Pollution Prevention and Response Sub-Committee, both of International Maritime Organization (United Nations specialized agency). Currently he is an environmental porfessional and instructor of Oil Tanker Safety Cargo Operations advanced courses at Petrobras Transporte – TRANSPETRO.