Jorn van Lieshout is an early stage entrepreneur from the Netherlands who was coined as one of the most promising entrepreneurs under the age of 25 by Sprout magazine. Jorn’s entrepreneurial career started during his study in the city of Maastricht at the age of 20. Baffled by the lack of inspiring office space for (young) entrepreneurs he started his first venture, BounceSpace. After completing his bachelor studies in Liberal arts and Sciences at University College Maastricht, Jorn decided to move to Amsterdam where he expanded BounceSpace by securing a city-centre location. Yet, building a radically different office concept in a completely new city meant he had to find additional financial resources to keep on growing his business. Jorn founded the Chateauroux, a floating hotel boat embracing the beautiful canals of Amsterdam jam-packed with tourists from across the globe. At the same time, Jorn developed his third venture: BounceBox, a flexible office space concept that minimizes the risks for realtors of exploiting empty (office)buildings. Determined as ever, with sizable market knowledge up his sleeve, the budding entrepreneur rapidly managed to scale Bouncespace and attract investment from a well-known Dutch real estate entrepreneur and a experienced lawyer. Leading to the success that Bouncespace has become today. The venture has turned into a nationally recognised office hub in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, hosting a barbershop, exquisite coffee bar, art gallery and bike repair shop. BounceSpace is also home to some of the most recognized startups in the Netherlands and the venture is currently expanding into other cities.