Larisa Reed has studied medicine at the State University of Kiev, Ukraine. Before moving into regulatory affairs, she worked as a pediatrician in Ukraine and as coordinator of humanitarian projects in the USA. In 2002, she began her consulting career in regulatory affairs with international pharmaceutical companies regarding the registration of medicinal products in post-soviet region countries, with practical support on dossier preparation, budget planning, submissions, new products registration, renewals, variations, facilities certification and pharmacovigilance. The following 12 years would see her working in managing positions within Regulatory Affairs for small/large corporations, including several Indian manufacturers, J&J (USA) and Abbott (USA). Her practical knowledge includes a full range of RA responsibilities in the emerging market of Eastern Europe and registration-related activities, marketing authorization license management, GMP clearance/recognition, pharmacovigilance system organization and clinical study management as part of the registration process. She has strong experience and is considered as a specialist in minimizing regulatory project risks, monitoring of project issues to be resolved openly and quickly, maintaining the overall schedule/budget, and working closely with all levels of authorities. After moving to Switzerland in 2012, she joined the regulatory association for CIS countries and became a partner of the organization in 2014. The aim of this international project is to act as a consulting unit of RA Pharmaceutical Professionals for Eastern Europe. Within the organization Larisa continues her activities as consultant and advisor. In October 2015, at the Global Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Summit in Berlin, as one of the key speakers of the conference, she hosted the pre-conference seminar: “Designing and Conducting Multi-Regional Clinical Trials in Emerging Markets,” had a presentation for the section “Regulatory Updates: CIS Countries” and held a roundtable discussion.