Lorenzo Maggioni is head of Research and Development for the ltalian Biogas Consortium (CIB), the first voluntary group that connects manufacturers of biogas from renewable sources (mainly agricultural biomass), business and industrial companies supplying equipment and technology, and bodies and institutions that contribute to this industry. Dr. Maggioni is a member of the Working Groups “Research, Development and Statistical Surveys” launched by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and “Biomethane” launched by the Italian Gas Committee. The latter supports the European Technical Committee CEN/TC 408 in the definition of specifications for biomethane injection in the natural gas network and for its use in transport. Dr. Maggioni participates in national and regional research projects on biogas and on biomethane and is the ltalian delegate at the European Green Gas Grids project which is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) program; BIOSURF project funded by Horizon 2020 program. This project aims to boost the biomethane market in both forerunner and starter countries in Europe and establish a cross-border market. As an agronomist, Dr. Maggioni worked for one of the most important ltalian agricultural trade unions, developing projects related to renewable energy. Dr. Maggioni has a PhD in agrarian ecology from the University of Milan.