Trainer details

  • Mark Harradine
  • Presenter and Consultant
  • IIET

Mark is a senior presenter and consultant with the iIET specializing in strategic business and finance. Mark’s trademark is building strategies for adaptive and evolving cultures for corporations, business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to profoundly make an impact. His methodology takes his clients on a journey to higher levels of thinking, delivering impressive results through business and personal breakthroughs. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Using his extraordinary insights on human behavior working with inner and outer development, Mark applies himself to the complex systems of the business and political worlds. He supports leaders in these environments by lifting their strategic thinking to higher altitudes and dramatically enhancing their decision-making capability and outcomes.

In a rich and unique career, spanning over six continents and having been formally educated in the USA, Europe and Australia, Mark has operated in such roles as business and strategy consultant, business development in financial investments and originating his career in executive support for a global education group. In addition, he has served as a member of the executive management team of Insight Seminars, a worldwide personal development group and Vice-President of the Institute for Individual and World Peace. Mark played tennis at the professional level and followed by identified the next frontier in sports as developing athletes’ mental strength and founded the Conscious Athlete, a mental coaching business, in 2005.

He created his own strategic methodologies regarding how to develop the mental game. Mark saw the parallels to business where for the last 15 years he has mentored leaders and helped them navigate with greater purpose.