Over 40 Years of Innovative Filtration Solutions LAKOS patented Mark has a background across the breadth of the entire Supply Chain over the last 15 years across the Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and now the Middle East in his recent venture with Al Ghurair. Some of the companies he has been fortunate enough to work with include Schneider Electric, Unilever, Novartis and GSK. Mark’s education includes a BA (International Management/Operations and Logistics) and an MBA specialising in Marketing from the University of South Australia in Adelaide. Mark has been involved in 3 ERP implementations including IFS, SAP and Oracle. His passion revolves around Systems and ensuring the correct level of data integrity is within the organisation to ensure the business runs smoothly and automated where possible. Some of the industries he has worked with have stretched across Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering and more recently the Foods sector which requires a high level of data integrity, flexibility and autonomy through repetitive transactions. Mark has also been involved in designing and improving Supply Chain flows within Cold Chain Logistics for Vaccines to ensure optimal temperatures are maintained throughout the Distribution from Production to customers. He has also been heavily involved in redesigning Inventory Management and Warehousing solutions to ultimately reduce working capital whilst ensuring a high level of Customer Service and On Time Delivery is maintained and/or improved. In his current position as Head of Supply Chain he is currently identifying some of the challenges faced in theregion generically to build business capabilities and ensure a competitive edge through improving technology, reducing working capital, increasing team member skillset and cash-flow improvement.