Martin is a thought leader in the field of organizational learning and leadership development. In his current role as head of “Future Touchpoint Experience” he experiments with new forms of customer interaction in retail. For Martin, learning, innovation and design thinking are inseparable from each other; all together they challenge the way we look on people, how we lead and develop leaders. Prior to this, Martin was heading a Learning & Development Department. In this role he was also responsible for the transformation of the telco operator’s retail chain. He has held different roles in HR, change management and development. His expertise lies in leading learning processes, action oriented leadership training and team development. Prior to his time at Swisscom he was in the pharmaceutical and the construction industry and held positions in consulting, marketing and change management. He holds a Masters Degree in Law and an International MBA from Nyenrode University in the Netherlands. In his own words: “I am always struck by the low levels of employee engagement that studies reveal. As a passionate developer of business and people, this seems a waste of resources and opportunities. It is my personal ambition to turn workplaces into growplaces – places where people can bring the best version of themselves and thrive. I want to take learning beyond the ordinary and facilitate new ways for organizations to create value.”