Dato’ Ansar, born in Penang, joined the RMAF in May 1975. He graduated as a fighter pilot in October 1976. Throughout his 41 years in the RMAF, he had accumulated 4,000 flying hours, having flown numerous fighter aircraft such as A-4 Skyhawk, F-5E Tiger II and MiG 29N Fulcrum. During the Second Malaysian Emergency, particularly from 1977 to 1982, he had flown numerous operational missions, such as close air support, armed escort and photo recce. Moreover, during the Lahad Datu standoff in March 2013, he was the commander of air operations against the Sulu militants. Whilst in the RMAF, Dato’ Ansar was a Qualified Flying Instructor, Fighter Weapons Instructor and Photo Recce Instructor. Additionally, he had commanded 2 fighter squadrons and 2 air divisions. Education wise, Dato’ Ansar is a graduate of the Indonesian Air Force Command & Staff College, Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College and the Indian National Defence College. Moreover, he possesses an MBA degree from Charles Sturt University and MPhil degree in Defence & Strategic Studies from Madras University. Dato’ Ansar retired from the RMAF as a Major General in May 2016.