2008 – now PGGM In 2008 Michel de Jonge started his work as EU representative for PGGM. A focus on EU pensions and financial market regulation was needed. Ever since PGGM is represented in Brussels and has a joint office with the Dutch Pension federation. A PGGM EU lobby agenda is developed, teaming up with the other larger Dutch pension service providers became daily routine and PGGM’s visibility in Brussels is a fact. European pensions in all its diversity has been subject of his professional attention since. In 2010 PGGM started a cooperation with the Danish PKA pension funds under Michel’s responsibility. In 2012 he became directly involved in the set up and management of the Track and Trace Your Pensions in Europe (TTYPE project), one of the EU White Paper on Pensions policy initiatives. As project secretary of this project aiming at solutions for pension tracking across Europe Michel accumulated a lot of insight in the state of play of digital pensions communication across the EU. 2002 – 2008 Regional Authority: Province of Zuid Holland Coordinator European Affairs meant leading a team and developing the EU ERDF programme for the region, building an EU lobby agenda and realising EU projects through EU funding in many different domains (water, coastal management, urban policy, transport). It was a way to build on the experience of the years before. The big extra was the development of a professional lobby platform on EU level. Michel built from scratch the Peri Urban Regions Platform Europe (PURPLE) and took a role as General Secretary. 1996 – 2002 Dutch ministry of agriculture Michel started his career in 1996 at the Dutch Ministry for Agriculture as a general policy worker after graduating from Nijmegen University. Soon he found himself occupied in the implementation of EU funds and projects.