A senior executive with multiple disciplines who embraces technology and encourages business changes to streamline, reduce costs, increase productivity, profit and boost brand recognition. Innovative and resourceful business and revenue stream developer. Client-focused, places an emphasis on optimizing customer touch-points to maximize their experience. Results and challenge-driven, tenacious, resourceful, firm believer in every problem has a solution. Trusted and respected leader, coach and motivator, rewards team for contributions, encourages career and personal development. Change agent and catalyst, shrewd business strategist and tactician, tenacious, exudes energy, confidence to excel and strive for excellence. Industry experience includes technical / corporate as well as entrepreneurial experience with organizations involved in banking, aviation,internet, IT, marketing/advertising agency, insurance, consumer goods and non-profit activities. Specialties: PMP, CISCO,H3C, HPN, Large Data Center Migrations, PR, Business management, IoT Consulting,Big data, Cloud.